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Introducing Ultra Bright Cleaning Company


Ultrabright Cleaning Company was established by Laura a few years ago as a part time hobby alongside her regular day to day job as a dental manager. Following a considerable volume of excellent reviews and feedback, Ultrabright has rapidly grown from strength to strength to become a successful local cleaning company you can trust.
Ultrabright understands in life, there are far more important things to do with your time than worry about cleaning. We provide an experienced, friendly and professional service - while always keeping confidentiality central to everything we do. Our services can cater for both personal domestic customers, as well as commercial premises of any size.
Whether you are a busy professional, a parent looking to spend that extra valuable time with your family, or a business that understands the value of a clean and safe working environment – we can provide a bespoke and personal service to cater for your requirements.
Please feel free to browse our fantastic online reviews and see how other customers have expressed their joy in having the burden of cleaning removed, and how much of a positive impact having some time back in their diary can make.
If you wish to discuss your needs, big or small, please visit our ‘contact us’ page or give us a call on 07411 577375.




We have achieved 5 out of 5 stars from all of our reviewers. Check out our Facebook page here to read some of the reviews!

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We are proud to offer a 5 star cleaning service, our Google reviews show how great our service is!

You can read our Google reviews here.